Web Bloopers by Jeff Johnson
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents




Part I: Bloopers in the Content and Functionality of the Website

Chapter 1 - Content Bloopers

    Home page identity crisis
    Confusing classifications
    Unhelpful descriptions
    Conflicting content
    Outdated content
    Missing or useless content
    Unfinished content

Chapter 2 - Task-Support Bloopers

    Redundant requests
    Requiring Unneeded data
    Pointless choice
    Omitting important options
    Clueless Back-end
    Dead-end paths: Now you tell me!
    Agonizing task-flow

Part II: Bloopers in the User Interface of the Website

Chapter 3 - Navigation Bloopers

    Site reflects org chart
    Numerous navigation schemes
    Deceptive duplicate links
    Not linking directly
    Lost in space: Current page not indicated
    The circle game: Active link to here
    Missing links: It's BACK or nothing

Chapter 4 - Form Bloopers

    Making people type
    Intolerant data fields
    No defaults
    Faulty defaults
    Compulsory Clicking: No default text input focus
    Lame label placement
    Checkboxes or radiobuttons
    Looks editable but isn't
    Mysterious controls

Chapter 5 - Search Bloopers

    Baffling search controls
    Dueling search controls
    Hits look alike
    Duplicate hits
    Search Myopia: Missing relevant items
    Needle in a Haystack - Piles of irrelevant hits
    Hits sorted Uselessly
    Crazy search behavior
    Search-terms not shown
    Number of hits not revealed

Part III: Bloopers in the Presentation of the Website

Chapter 6 - Text & Writing Bloopers

    Too much text
    Speaking Geek
    Calling site visitors "user"
    Insider jargon
    Variable vocabulary: Different words for the same thing
    Inconsistent style
    Typos and grammos: Sloppy writing

Chapter 7 - Link Appearance Bloopers

    Links don't look like links
    Non-links look like links
    Bizarre buttons: Click target smaller than it seems
    Wrapped links: How many?
    "Click here": Burying links in text
    Been There, Done That? Can't Tell

Chapter 8 - Graphic Design & Layout Bloopers

    Tiny text
    Camouflaged Text
    Centering everything
    Unobtrusive error messages
    Shades of beige: color differences too subtle
    Dead or Alive? Active buttons look inactive
    Terrible Tabs




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