Web Bloopers by Jeff Johnson
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Engaging, Educational, Enjoyable, Erudite: Excellent!

--Dr. Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group

Many of the examples are priceless - just reading them made my blood boil with recognition.

--Howard Tamler, Principal, HT Consulting

Will your web site pass the test? Or will site visitors be gnashing their teeth and shaking their fists? Will any customers ever come back to your site? Save yourself the embarrassment and don't be caught with your Web Bloopers showing. Read this book and find out now if your web site commits any heinous bloopers.

This book is not just about how to make web sites pretty, nor is it just another tirade about what is wrong with the web. It goes in-depth and grapples with challenging usability issues at the heart of many web bloopers. It offers solid sound advice on avoiding or fixing these problems. It is written with a sense of humor and is sprinkled with relevant cartoons along with numerous screen images illustrating the problems and their solutions. Reading this book will help make your web sites better.


  • Discusses in detail 60 of the most common and critical web design mistakes, along with the solutions, challenges, and tradeoffs associated with them.
  • Covers important subject areas such as: content, task-support, navigation, forms, searches, writing, link appearance, and graphic design and layout.
  • Organized and formatted based on the results of its own usability test performed by web designers themselves.

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